Mishka Henner at Summer of Photography

Brussels is getting ready to kick off the Summer of Photography at BOZAR with the holding of a symposium on landscape photography, central theme of this 2012 edition of the Belgian international photo biennial. Among the members of the panel, the artist Mishka Henner, a PHrame collaborator at Splash #1, will be presenting his work, Dutch Landscapes, as part of the exhibition From Here On, along with  Joachim Schmid, one of the curators of this exhibition.

From Here On, produced in 2011 by Les Rencontres d’Arles and which will be exhibited in Belgium this summer at FoMu, provides an overview on innovative photography, presenting works which are exploring in a visual language the latest developments in the field of ICT, software and various applications.

Mishka Henner’s Dutch Landscapes is a collection of captured views from censored Dutch political, economic and military sites on Google Earth, which questions both the notion of photography and the status of censorship on the web. This work, as well as the 35 others included in the From Here On exhibition, are explorations of new areas of the image-making process in todays digitalized world, which are well worth seeing.

   Mishka Henner, Splash #1 teaser, 9th May 2012

Meet the Artists – Symposium on landscape photography, BOZAR, Brussels : 14.06.2012
From Here On, FoMu, Antwerpen : 22.06 > 30.09.2012


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