Stranger: Memories in Flânerie

© Jamie House, Stranger: Memories.


Jamie House’s photo series Stranger: Memories, screened at Splash #1, will be published in the next edition of Flânerie, a free webzine about independent contemporary photography, distributed by electronic means and on cd’s deliberately left in public or private places.

The Portuguese photographer and editor of Flânerie, Susana Paiva, tells us about the project:


“At FLÂNERIE – using the power of electronic publications – we experiment a place for publishing projects from emerging photographers, side by side with renowned photographers. We then broaden the magazine propagation field, by testing new models of distribution. We encourage our readers to make copies of the magazine and to leave it in places they want to. We give them formal freedom in the organization of photographic events around the magazine’s independent launching, for we want to believe that through this we can also cultivate an active citizenship around the artistic practice.”

So, do not miss Flânerie’s next edition to discover Jamie House’s long exposure images produced out of other people’s memories mined from the internet on various social media sites, as an investigation on how we disseminate and share images in the public domain.  Meanwhile, keep an eye on the table next to you in your favourite spot or just burn a disc and leave it there yourself to contribute to this singular project.

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

   Jamie House, Splash #1 teaser, 9th May 2012


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