Open Call for Contemporary Photo-trading Cards

Photographer Jamie House, PHrame collaborator at Splash #1, has sent an open call today for participation in his new project, called Contemporary Photo-trading Cards, a themed photography trading card swap, both organized and curated by him.

About the project, Jamie says:

“I want to create a project that explores and shows the diversity of Contemporary Photographic Practice today. This is an open call to everyone who is interested in contemporary image making, from artists, photographers, philosophers, critics, writers and everyone in-between. I am interested in the quality of work and strength of ideas, not your CV.”

This project will last a year with six two-monthly themes to which participants are invited to respond by sending prints to Jamie. On the deadline, the cards will be swapped and a random selection will be sent back to you. As the project progresses there will be a dedicated blog showing the documentation of all the cards received. This project will be concluded with the publication of a book, compiling a selection of the images.

First deadline is set on 30th August 2012 for theme ‘Artists using Photography’.

For more details about this project and to take part in it, check the Facebook event and subscribe to the Facebook Group.


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